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Christ Church Business School: Profile

Welcome to Christ Church Business School

We are a welcoming community of staff and students working in partnership to provide high quality education, research, and business engagement. We provide a safe and supportive environment that encourages personal development, innovation and solid preparation for the world of work.
We are also proud of our growing research profile in areas such as accounting, finance, leadership, management, and branding. We also provide consultancy services for businesses in the UK and abroad.

Undergraduate courses

We offer a full range of Business and Management degrees designed to give you the skills and experience that employers value most. Many of our courses are accredited by professional bodies, and you will also have the chance to spend a year in industry, giving you valuable experience to prepare you for the world of work.

The flexible structure of our Accounting, Marketing, Business Studies, Business Management and HR programmes will enable you to tailor studies to your career ambitions.

Whichever degree you choose, you can be certain that we will support and challenge you every step of the way, helping you become the best you can be. Visit our undergraduate course pages to find out more.

Postgraduate courses

Our dynamic postgraduate courses are all highly focussed, and have been designed to help you stand out in the job market. From our tailored MBAs, to postgraduate certificates and Masters degrees, we offer a range of options that will help you put management theory into practise in the global business environment.


We have a range of initiatives designed to help you stand out in the jobs market, and prepare you for the world of work. Learn more on our Careers and Employability pages.

Our Business Futures programme features a range of open days and drop-in sessions - all designed to help you become more employable and achieve your career ambitions. We are dedicated to helping you get the right experience so you can stand out in the competitive graduate jobs market. Find out about developing your skills

A year in industry is available to all undergraduate students studying within the Business School on single or combined honours programmes.  We have also created a Work Based Learning module to help you consolidate the skills you have developed during your internship or work placement.

At Christ Church Business School we understand that the best way to learn is by doing. We recently ran a 'Crisis Simulation Day' for students taking our Public Relations module. Over 90 students took part in the event, which simulated a real life public relations crisis, which the students had to react to in 'real time'. You can watch a video of the day below:



“You don’t really get to do this anywhere else.” Jasmin Kirby, PR Media & Marketing

“Fast pacing, exciting and challenging at the same time.” Jasmine Willamson – Persh, PR Media & Marketing

“The day was a wonderful experience.” Chris Wright, Business & HRM

International Students

All of our courses have been designed to cover the current issues in business, and we draw on both national and international case studies to support our teaching. Our courses are relevant to all our students, and will encourage you to apply the theories that you learn to real life examples from across the globe. You can also find out more about life as an international student at CCCU.


At Christ Church Business School you will have access to first class facilities to help you with your studies. These include high quality learning resources, computing equipment and our excellent library network.

We have recently opened a Bloomberg Trading Room – one of only a handful of such rooms available in the UK. Here students can gain practical experience of trade floor activities, drawing on live financial market data and analytics.

Beautiful locations

Most of our courses are held at our Canterbury campus – a vibrant location that is only a few minutes’ walk from the city centre. Canterbury is a world-heritage site, rich in culture, and is also one of the safest cities in the UK. Meanwhile, our Broadstairs campus is within easy reach of local shopping centres, and only a short bus ride away from the beautiful seaside town.


Jack Low, Account Manager at Zoodikers Consulting

Marketing and Advertising Graduate

"Graduating from Canterbury Christ Church University was certainly a proud moment, which marked an end to an incredible three-years of my life.

I studied Marketing with Advertising Management because it combined a mix of the subjects I found most interesting. The course certainly taught me the diverse knowledge and skills I needed to thrive in the competitive and demanding creative industries, and it showed me the wide range of career options that were available to me.

University provided a supportive environment with inspiring lecturers, all with a vast range of knowledge and experience to share. The knowledge I gained from my time at University has been invaluable.

I embarked on a career in PR the day after my final exam and have not stopped learning and progressing since. As an account manager, I now manage a portfolio of clients operating in a diverse range of industries alongside a team of executives. Time management, attention to detail and creativity are all a vital part of what I do.

I travel to attend meetings and events across Europe and rarely spend an entire week in the office. A career in PR is sure to deliver new and exciting challenges every day."


Accounting & Finance BSc Graduate

"Sometimes choosing the right University can be daunting. With numerous variations of a particular field and the uncertainty of how that course will align with your future plans. Now time is running out and it has come down to making that final decision.
But do not fret, as the decision to studying at Canterbury Christ Church University was highly beneficial. With extracurricular activities ranging from sports, drama, radio, event organizing, debating, the options are diverse. The university understands the value of these activities, as they encouraging students to develop skills that will impress employers, in addition to the versatile modules studied.

The main benefit of choosing Canterbury Christ Church University is the selection of highly skilled and nurturing tutors who are ever more available to assist students with issues ranging from life goals, career advice to dealing with writers block.
My time at Canterbury University was a great learning experience, I met valuable friends and the right people who helped further my career, even till this day.

So after seeing the sights and learning about the great history of the town, proceed to become joining Canterbury University, as it will the beginning of the most intellectually stimulating moments you will encounter personally through your education."


Contact us

For more information, visit our undergraduate or postgraduate course pages. If you have any further questions, please contact us, and we will be happy to help you in any way that we can. In the meantime, follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.