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Car hire for graduation day

As the big day quickly approaches, the three years or so of keeping your head down, late-night studying and the occasional student party (of course) sadly comes to an end. Everything to this point has been leading up to graduation day — and hopefully, you’ve achieved the grade you wanted.

In celebration of all the effort you’ve put in, consider making this, often once in a lifetime occasion extra memorable with a car hire from Auto Europe. We have an exceptional selection of ideal vehicles for your big day, and often at very reasonable prices.

On this special day don’t settle for getting to your graduation hall using public transport — after all you don’t want to risk being late! And surely having your parents drive you there isn’t an option either — after all, it’s a special day for them too!

Assuming you have already passed your driving test and hold a valid credit card, you’ll be able to hire the perfect car for the day. Avoiding those hectic buses and trains, and stuffy underground carriages is priceless, especially on a day that you want nothing to go wrong.

Even though some car hire suppliers will charge a young driver fee, it will still be more than worth it as you pull up in a beautiful car. Along with your KIAs, Fords and Hyundais, we also have many Mercedes, BMWs, Lexuses and other highly glamorous models at your disposal.

Our quotations are exceptionally low, but if you need a little helping hand, why not see if your parents would be willing to hire on your behalf. There’ll be little in comparison to the impression you’ll make on your uni mates and needless to say — impressive photos you’ll capture with your luxurious car.

If your parents simply can’t stretch to cover the hiring cost — which is understandable considering they may have helped with the graduation after party, gown hire, etc — then consider getting a group of your university friends to chip in and arrive all together.

Either assign one of your mates as the designated driver or if you have an older sibling, enlist them! If all else fails, we also provide a chauffeur service that will surely turn heads whilst your car pulls up at the graduation hall.

Consider hiring your car for a few more days afterwards, and head on a celebratory graduation day mini road trip. Collect your car hire in London from multiple airports, main train stations and downtown areas, and head to the coast. Bournemouth, Southampton and Portsmouth should be on your list, if you like coastal cities and the smell of the ocean.

For total escapism, pick up your car hire in Edinburgh and head into the Scottish Highlands. Here you’ll set your eyes on landscapes that postcards are made out of. Drive along the picturesque Scottish countryside as isolated cottages — churning out quaint chimney smoke — appear one by one over the horizon.

Auto Europe is always on hand to help you make the most of any car hire occasion. Our dedicated reservations specialists are here to give advice on any situation and help you plan your trip. We are available on +44 (0)1233 225 114 or via email at reservations@autoeurope.com. For further information please visit our website https://www.autoeurope.co.uk or our Facebook page.

Our Facebook page, not only gives you the chance to enter many of our competitions, but you’ll also get to learn about the numerous other exceptional services provided by Auto Europe with additional free offers and upgrades. Our motorhome hire service, for example, is perfect for travelling around the USA, Canada and New Zealand.

So if you’re looking for car hire, luxury car hire, campervan hire or a chauffeur service, contact us today and let us provide that extra peace of mind.