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Awkward things we all do in the office

It doesn’t matter how much of a stern professional you think you are, when working in an office full of people, you’re bound to encounter at least one awkward moment.

Yes, it feels horrible and you’ll get a little embarrassed but this kind of awkwardness is unavoidable.

How many of these have you checked off?

• Hitting “Reply All” to an email ad letting the entire office know your cringey email password.

• Chatting about somebody in the office only to have them walk in at the juicy bit.

• Saying goodbye at the end of the day and awkwardly having to walk to your transport with the same person.

• Staring off into space, only to realise you've been staring at your co-worker for a few minutes.


• Having arguments with colleagues outside of the office and having to work with them the next day.

• Not being able to understand somebody after the third repetition, and being too scared/polite to ask again.

• Touching feet with the person on the desk opposite you. Three times a day.

• Eating the stinkiest lunch known to man, while pretending you can’t smell anything.

• Awkward tea situation – someone makes you a hot drink and you feel obliged to make one back even though you don’t want to. It’s a vicious circle.


• When you start a conversation with someone and they have their headphones in.

• Small talk with your boss.

• Stealing someone’s milk and they walk in and catch you.

• Or, the milk stealer getting all high and mighty about the lack of milk.


• Walking out of the toilet the same time as someone else – it always looks suspicious.

• Putting an important call on hold with the intention of transferring it… and then cutting it off.

• “Signing in” to a conference call. Or as it’s usually called, talking over each other.

• Spilling a drink into your keyboard.