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Annoying office habits you need to stop right now

Part of working in an office is learning to get along with your co-workers. Habits that you may find alright at home can really wind up the people you work with. Stopping these bad habits can help your working day run a lot smoother.


Using speakerphone too often

We know that hold music is awful, but, please don’t make us listen to it as well. 

Eating the last of the office snacks

Always ask before eating the last chocolate hobnob or piece of cake.

Coming to work with a contagious illness


While you may mean well by coming in when you’re at death's door, the rest of your healthy office could do without the germs!

Using the last of the milk and not telling anyone

Everyone in the office shares the milk, so we know it won’t last forever. Just let us know so nobody is left without tea/coffee for the rest of the day.

Eating an odorous lunch


Tuna salad may be healthy but the smell of fish that lingers on into the afternoon isn’t.

Breathing coffee breath everywhere

Coffee - the fuel of the office worker, the bringer of coffee breath. Just make sure you have some mints on standby.

Interrupting a colleagues conversation

Nobody likes being talked over. The only way it can get any worse is if you start talking about something completely off topic.

Working dirty


We don’t mind if your house is a mess, but having a messy desk is incredibly distracting.

Constantly checking the time

An 8 hour day feels like a 16 hour day when someone tells you the time every 5 minutes.

Using your mobile

Smartphones are becoming increasingly important to our lives, but that doesn’t mean you should be glued to your handset while you work.

Yes-manning the boss


Everyone makes mistakes, including your boss. They’ll respect you more if you suggest a way to improve their mistakes, and you’ll annoy the rest of your colleagues a lot less.