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How to perfect your soft skills

Soft skills are character traits that allow you to interact with others and work harmoniously in a professional environment. They are a key part of turning job opportunities into actual employment.

They may sound a bit abstract, but they are what prospective employers are looking for in a graduate. That's why it's important to hone the following skills so that you can demonstrate them on your CV,  at the job interview and then while working in the job itself.

Communication Skills

Luckily, university is the perfect place to develop and hone your skills of communication as from day one you are constantly meeting new people and being thrust into new situations.

Demonstrating these skills in person is simple as long as you remain calm and confident. They are shown with an easy smile and maintained eye contact, through a clear articulation of your thoughts and well-structured answers to questions asked by others.

You should remember that this confidence is something you can build on if you do not already have it. Every time you meet a new person is a chance to build your communication skills.

Teamwork Skills

Employers want to know that you will work well in a team. It's likely that your new job will lead to you starting in an already established team within the workplace. Therefore, you need to demonstrate that you will fit in seamlessly rather than disrupt the workplace dynamic.

Again, this is a skill that can be developed and honed both personally and on paper. If you are still at university you need to head straight for the Sports Fair and join a team, volunteer for a charity or just help around the community. Any team that makes you work with others to achieve success will build both your actual skills and give your CV an extra positive.

Really work on your teamwork skills. It's good to be a team player

Really work on your teamwork skills. It's good to be a team player

Analytical Skills

Analytical skills are all about making reasonable choices from the available information. It relates to problem solving techniques and essentially boils down to logical thinking.

Many graduates will be able to show this quite naturally via the degree they have studied and completed. However, anyone who has ever written an essay (so everyone) on their degree has demonstrated analytical skills. They have researched a topic and collated information and transformed that in to concise paragraphs before making a conclusion based on that very same information.

Strong Work Ethic

Employers want to know you will work hard and, regardless of the truth, you want them to think that. Your first stop as a graduate is showing off your hard earned degree as evidence of commitment over a lengthy period of time.

Next you need to make sure your CV is filled to the brim with evidence that you do indeed get out of bed before noon. This can be as simple as working a part-time job at the same time as your studies or training for a half marathon. 

Hone in on these skills and you'll definitely be light-years ahead of the competition. 

Make sure you include evidence of your strong work ethic

Make sure you include evidence of your strong work ethic