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7 Jobs our favourite TV characters have that we want!

When you’re watching your favourite TV shows, it’s easy to assume that your favourite characters exciting jobs are just for show.

But the careers that feature on TV have to be based on something! We’ve picked a few of our favourites and tell you how to get that job.

Ross Geller, Friends - Palaeontologist

Beloved Ross from Friends may seem a little awkward in his personal life, but professionally he’s on point, completing a Ph.D to become a palaeontologist.

Admittedly, Ross must have some kind of superpower in order to have all of this success by 26. In order to become a Palaeontologist, you must first complete a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field. Natural Sciences degrees such as Biology and Geology are a great start, but it is not unheard of for maths/statistics graduated to go on to work as a palaeontologist.

From there, in order to become a working researcher or an instructor, you’ll need to complete a Ph.D. The median age for people in the industry is 31, so it’s a hard slog. But the end result is worth it.


Carrie Bradshaw, Sex and the City - Freelance Writer


While we may not have the glamorous streets of New York to strut down, Carrie Bradshaw’s job as a freelance writer is a great way to experience her fast-paced lifestyle.

Freelance writing offers up a hearty balance of pros and cons. While you can enjoy being in control of you workload, choosing how much time you spend on your job and picking your own projects, the downsides can be a little heavy. You have to always be on your toes, constantly searching for new jobs and sometimes the pay isn’t as good as you’d think.

Becoming a freelance writer is only for those with the drive and determination to carve themselves a career.


John Luther, Luther – Detective Chief Inspector (Serious Crime Unit)


Luther’s days seem to revolve around looking really cool and catching the bad guys – pretty sweet, right?

The role of Detective Chief Inspector is just one rung of the law enforcement ladder. In order to reach this position, you’ll need to spend more than two years as a uniformed police officer. From there, depending on what branch of detective work you would like to get into, you’ll need to pass a selection of exams. While there are no formal qualification requirements, you’ll need to be in top physical condition and clued up on all procedures if you want to succeed.

Susan Mayer, Desperate Housewives - Book Illustrator

Before getting swept up the madness of Wisteria Lane, Susan illustrated children’s books. Being paid to draw sounds like a pretty great way to make a living to us, so if you have the ability to draw from your imagination, it may be a career to consider.

The hardest part of becoming an illustrator is getting commissioned work (having a client ask you for something specific). One way to secure this is, by creating a digital portfolio online. By getting your work out there, you’re setting yourself up for future projects.

While working on your own personal brand, try freelancing to get your name out there. Remember, you don’t need to take up every opportunity that comes knocking on your door – it’s quality, not quantity.


Betty Suarez, Ugly Betty – Fashion Editor



The world of fashion can be a cruel one, and nobody knows that better than Betty Suarez. Ugly Betty’s career path was steep and rugged, but her steely perseverance took her to the top.

It’s a notoriously difficult industry to strive in, even if you have the qualifications. Most editors will have a bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing or Journalism. From there, it’s all about experience. You can get this via paid temp work or unpaid internships. In this industry, it’s all about who you can get your internships with. As they’re often unpaid and long hours, you’ll need to consider your finances before jumping in.

With a lot of hard work and a good use of networking, you’ll soon be strutting your Louboutin’s through your dream office.

Eric Northman, True Blood – Night Club Owner

Vampirism isn’t on the top of anyone’s career list, but True Blood’s Eric Northman runs a successful nightclub when he’s not drinking people’s blood.

Running a bar doesn’t take a set of qualifications, per se, but a degree in Hospitality Management will definitely come in handy. Being able to balance employees, stock levels, cleanliness and  (sometimes) your clientele is key and can be grueling, particularly with the anti-social hours involved.

With that being said, owning a bar can be one of the most fun jobs in the world if you make it. Combining creativity (drinks making) and maths (making a profit) with other key skills, running a bar will certainly keep you on your toes.

Which TV character has your dream job? Let us know on our socials!