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Why you have to consider moving abroad post-graduation

Graduation is a time to celebrate, a culmination of all your academic endeavours and the beginning of the rest of your life.

Friends congratulate you and parents try to hold back the shouts as you head on stage to receive your certificate. However, once the joy fades, many graduates are left wondering where they go next.

Of course, some have landed exciting jobs at firms and understand the direction they want to go in, but that doesn’t work for everybody. If you don’t know what you want to do after finishing university, have no commitments and want a fresh experience, then consider moving abroad. There are many options out there and it can do wonders for you as a person as well as your CV and job prospects. Benefits of moving abroad include:

Learn a language

Globalisation is making the world smaller and the majority of countries these days place a great emphasis on holding a second language. In the UK, this is often an afterthought but 6-12 months travelling South America, interning in France or studying in China will add another string to your bow.


Looking to continue your education? Why not step outside your comfort zone and do a post-graduate abroad? There are a lot of wonderful universities, and some European ones like Linkoping in Sweden offer free programmes to EU citizens.


Many come out of their shell during the three-plus years at university and this may mean that you are ready to throw yourself head first into new adventures. This can be paid for through freelance work or bar work in your various destinations.

Work abroad

You can get a tantalising mix of experiences by getting an internship, or a full-time job, abroad. Teaching English as a second language is popular as is a ski season in the Alps for winter sport enthusiasts but you can find opportunities in a whole host of career types.


Another option is taking this time to do something for those less fortunate, research or animals. There are plenty of schemes that offer ethical volunteering so take a look around to see if anything stands out.

When people refer to gap years, they tend to be taken between school and university but there is just as much benefit having time abroad following graduation. Start your search at somewhere like gapyear.travel now.