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It’s time for make a difference in Japan!

The number of people who choose Japan as a destination to discover something special has been increasing recently. Intercultural Institute of Japan is here for you to fulfill your adventure.

Why choose Japan?

- Japan is well known as a country with great hospitality and good services. You don’t know how good it is until you've actually experienced it for yourself.

- Japan has a mixture of both old tradition and new technology. Do you enjoy totally quiet places like the Zen gardens at the temples? Have you ever seen a high-tech toilet? Can you imagine how convenient the public transport is?

- Japan is the only one country in the world where cartoons and manga (comics) are accepted as their culture. Some schools actually teach Math with manga as sub-materials.

Why consider studying Japanese?

Studying languages is the best way to develop new possibilities for personal growth. Japanese is a very unique and different language from European languages and so is the culture. By studying a different language you will gain confidence as well as an international mind, and you'll also be bilingual which is a highly desired trait, you will be wanted by the internationalized world.

Who is the Intercultural Institute of Japan for?

One of the most reputable Japanese language schools in Tokyo, the Intercultural Institute of Japan, accepts more than 30 different nationalities all throughout the year. Because of the diverse nationality, you can widen your understandings towards not only Japanese culture but also other countries cultures. Through our 35-years-long experiences, we've made the Intercultural Institute of Japan one of the top Japanese language schools which meets the requirements for visiting and living in Japan.

- Weekly Course (1-12 weeks) is suitable for travelers because of its very flexible curriculum. This course is focused on oral communication skills and we will teach you to say a new phrase in Japanese, day by day. Japanese people are very friendly and helpful towards visitors, you can try to say a simple word “arigato (thank you)” to Japanese, and they would give you a big smile back. We can help you to make your trip unique and special.

- Long-term Course (1-2 years) is suitable for those who want to live in Japan. To meet the various needs of students, this course offers “purpose-oriented elective classes” which allows you to choose classes (test preparation, business, brush-up, and culture) according to your future plans and goals.


Email: incul@incul.com
Telephone number: +81-3-5816-4861

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