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University of Skövde: Profile

We are a modern and welcoming university, with first-class education and internationally competitive research; a place where we strive for the greatest accomplishments.

Quality assessment

The University of Skövde is relatively young, but still comparable to the old prestigious universities in terms of quality. In the national quality assessments for 2011 to 2014 we came in seventh place.

This can be attributed to methodical and persistent work to offer high-quality courses, facilitating both knowledge and employability. Some of our programs are unique specialisations, while others have interdisciplinary breadth. We also collaborate with the industry; following their demands in order to create employable students.

A quality institute located inside a beautiful grounds

Specialized research

We are one of the most specialized universities in Sweden. Research is conducted within five areas: Informatics, System Biology, Virtual Systems, Health and Learning, and Enterprises for the future.

By concentrating our efforts, we can provide competitive research and highly skilled researchers to our partners within academia, the industry and society in general.

The research performed at the University of Skövde is deemed to be of high quality, according the Assessment of Research and Co-production 2013. Our research generates important solutions for the future. For example, we have produced crash simulation software for the automotive industry, evolved computer games for the healthcare industry and developed an entirely new plant that can absorb and store arsenic in order to clean the earth and to save lives.

Modern and welcoming environment

The University has a beautiful and green campus, which forms a natural meeting point for students, staff and visitors. Here you can find restaurants with a wide range of choices and a library with excellent facilities.

Our campus has high-tech and well-equipped premises, which provide a stimulating and creative environment for both students and employees. The atmosphere also encourages close and informal relations between students and their teachers.

A warm and welcoming environment

Engaging the students in decision-making

At the University of Skövde, the process of decision-making is transparent, engaging the students and Student Union representatives in many decision-making forums. The University and the Student Union welcome all international students with an orientation programme, to ease the transition into the Swedish academic system and the University. To enhance student life in Skövde the Student Union, with its associations, arranges numerous sports and social activities for its members throughout the year. The Student Union House, as well as most student accommodation, is within easy walking distance from the campus.

Student Inspiration

The University of Skövde keeps students involved

Close collaboration with the industry

Being a VOLVO Preferred Research Partner, one out of five in the whole world, and having ongoing projects with world-renowned companies such as Astra Zeneca and Microsoft, shows that we are an attractive partner for collaboration and partnership.
Collaborating with international and local companies through mentorship programmes, advisory boards, guest lectures, degree projects, job fairs etc. gives the students valuable contacts for the future and prepares them for their future careers.

Gothia Science Park, a technology and research park located next door to the University, is a center of research and innovation. Here researchers and the business community can meet in an inspiring and creative environment. A prominent feature at Gothia Science Park (GSP) is a business incubator that helps students realize their ideas and start new companies. The Game Incubator at GSP is the world-leading talent factory in the field of computer games development.

Student Interview

Name: Robert Homewood
From: South Africa / England

Studying: Serious Games

What do you like the most about the University of Skövde?

One of the things that I have appreciated the most about my time here at the University of Skövde is the commitment to rigorous research methods and standards. I've found myself out ahead of the pack in terms of my ability to conduct and review research to an incredibly high academic level. The university also provides a wealth of access to databases and knowledge resources.

What do you like the most about your programme?

Unlocking the power of games as more than pure entertainment purposes is serious business and the Serious Games program at the University of Skövde is second to none. This program has provided me an opportunity to focus entirely on pushing the boundary of what games are capable of beyond the realm of entertainment. Through this programme I have not only had my eyes opened to a plethora of cutting edge technology and methods but have been given an opportunity to contribute to the academic community in a meaningful way.

Read the entire interview with Robert here.



University of Skövde
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