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The Hospitality Industry – It’s more than you think!

For decades, the hospitality and service industries have been growing rapidly. Glion Institute of Higher Education educates the management professionals who are leading the industry’s remarkable expansion all over the world.

For over 50 years, Glion has been at the forefront of excellence in the Swiss model of hospitality education, the world’s standard. If you aspire to a hospitality management career that can take you anywhere in the world, a Glion degree can be your passport to success.

Why study at Glion?

Innovation. For over 50 years, Glion has remained committed to advancing and refining hospitality education methods. We pioneered enhancing classroom study with craft-based instruction and real-world internships. And now in the digital age, we’re using the Web as a powerful tool to extend our global reach. We’re the only Swiss hospitality institute to offer graduate courses online, including our flagship MBA.

Worldwide reputation. Glion Institute of Higher Education is ranked as one of the three best hospitality management schools in the world for an international career (TNS, Global Research, 2013). We are accredited at university level by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges, Inc. (NEASC) and thereby deliver our own undergraduate and graduate awards. We are accredited at the same level as many of the Ivy League Universities.

Future career prospects. 98% of our postgraduate students and 100% of our MBA students have at least one job offer on graduation day. We have more than 10’000 alumni worldwide. Read more about them and their success stories here.

The student body

We attract talented undergraduate, postgraduate and graduate students from over 85 countries. As opposed to many other hospitality management schools, Glion does not have a clear majority nationality, as we would like to prepare our graduates for genuinely international and diverse work environment. Today, over 10,000 alumni are industry leaders in over 100 countries.

• 92% International students
• 8% Domestic students

The campus and student life

Glion offers two international study locations for students to choose from. In Switzerland, we have two spectacular campuses - in Montreux and Bulle. In England, our London campus puts students in the heart of this thriving international business capital. Glion gives students the choice of where to start their studies and choose their educational pathway to match their personal and professional goals. Our network of schools allows students to experience other cultures, which prepares them even more fully for an international career. While Glion students are training for global management success, they're also doing something equally important. They're having fun.

The courses

Postgraduate diplomas

For those who want to start a new business or career in the hospitality industry, the 1.5-year postgraduate diploma develops both knowledge and skills for entry-level management roles in any hospitality-related business. We offer postgraduate degrees in Hospitality Management and Event, Sports, and Entertainment Management.


The MBA degree develops a set of lifelong learning skills in leadership, data analysis, research and problem solving, to prepare you to meet contemporary business challenges in today’s global, competitive environment. Furthermore, the MBA class environment contributes to professional development through contact with industry leaders, cross-cultural teams, and the Applied Business Project.

Masters of Science

This one-year, hybrid Master of Science program will open the doors for careers in hospitality finance and revenue management in international service organizations. As a highly concentrated program, this masters of finance covers the principles and practices of financial management in the hospitality industry. It develops practical skills and analytical tools for financial decision making and innovative solutions to complex financial challenges.


A student's opinion

Harry, Graduate from Postgraduate program 

The Glion campus does not only have an astonishing location, it is also run like a top class hotel. I love the multicultural aspect and to be able to study and interact with people from all over the world. I visited several other schools, but Glion was by far the most professional with the highest profile. Glion was also the only school that offered a program that matched my objectives.

One of the greatest things about Glion is the network of potential business partners and friends you create during your studies. I have friends worldwide either doing their internship, working or setting up their own company. Glion students are incredibly helpful and willing to help one another, and I have had help with everything from my job search to getting friends & family rates at hotels: that's the Glion Spirit! Glion is a first class school where the opportunities are endless. Once you join Glion, you can end up anywhere in the world. That’s why I highly recommend it to any student!

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