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The dreaded GMAT

If you want to get ahead in the world of business once you’ve graduated then a Masters of Business Administration is the key.

The GMAT exam is the final stepping stone between you and you MBA. Consisting of four parts, the GMAT tests your analytic writing and integrated reasoning as well as your quantitative and verbal abilities. After you’ve complete your test, you will be given a score that is used to compare you to other graduates on a standardised level. It’s also used to determine whether you are suited to the postgrad course you are looking at.

Scored out of 800, the average is around 530, but most employers/business schools see scores of 600 or more as competitive. Bear in mind, there is no good score, but your score will affect the universities you can apply to.

How to prepare...

While the test may seem intimidating, preparation is the key. To put it simply, it’s a test of things you’ve already learnt before – a little revisit is just sharpening those pre-existing skills.

There is plenty of software available both to purchase and to review online for free. A quick Google/Amazon search will bring up a host of programs and books to help put your mind at ease.

Treat them as you would any other exam and you’ll be fine. It may help to fit revision/practise time into your schedule!

Just relax and your true potential will triumph the dreaded GMAT!

See you at business school!