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Study abroad at the University of Gdansk – Faculty of Economics

The Faculty of Economics is located in Sopot, in the centre of the Tri-City of Pomerania region in Poland – Gdansk, Sopot and Gdynia.

About us

The Faculty of Economics is a centre with full academic rights, having the right to award Bachelor's, Master's, doctoral, postdoctoral degrees (habilitation) and conducting professors procedures.

The campus at night

Classes are taught upon world standards, with topics including: business, general and global economy, economic quantitative methods (mathematics, mathematical economics, computer science, statistics, econometrics, accounting), international settlements, organization and management, learning business, politics, civil law, commercial law. A number of courses are individually tailored to the specialty. 

We are also home to specialized research and teaching staff from the Institute of International Business, Institute of Maritime Transport and Seaborne Trade, Chair of Microeconomics, Chair of Macroeconomics, Chair of Economic Policy, Chair of European Integration Economics, Chairs of Transport and Logistics and Research Center of European Integration.

In Sopot there are 3 student houses and the Faculty offers a student canteen. You can also benefit from scholarships, social and sporting events.

Where are we?

Gdansk is a Hanseatic (a town belonging to the Hanseatic League - a medieval league of towns in Northern Germany and adjacent countries for the promotion and protection of commerce). Known historically as the powder keg whose spark ignited the Second World War, it was also in Gdansk where the flame that signalled the collapse of communism was raised (by native son, Lech Walesa). Shedding the stigma that the city is little more than a bunch of battered cranes in a dingy shipyard, Gdansk's Old Town has been scrubbed clean, shined up, and stocked full of hotels, restaurants, cafes, clubs, bars and amber shops amidst the picturesque Burgher houses that line its streets.

Sopot is a genuine seaside health resort center. Lying between the beautiful woods of the Tri-City Landscape Park and the numerous sandy beaches of the Bay of Gdansk, Sopot has a great geographical location In Monte Casino;  you'll find the Wooden Pier (Molo). It is the longest wooden pier in Europe

Learn in a beautiful environment

Our studies:

Students are able to acquire a broad and thorough knowledge in three fields: economics, international economic relations and business and technology of environment. Educational offer at the Faculty of Economics includes Bachelor and Master studies as well as doctoral and post-graduate extramural studies. There are about 4500 students studying at our Faculty. Studies are offered both in Polish and English curricula.

• Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree Programmes in International Business: Programmes address different issues of globalization, regionalization and intercultural approaches to international business. It provides students for using their competencies in the qualitative and quantitative research methods. Its major objective is to help students supplement or extend their professional and academic knowledge in the field of international business.


Bachelor degree: EEA (European Economic Area) states: 3000 PLN (approx €750) per semester, non-EEA €3500 per academic year.

Master degree: EEA states: 3000 PLN (approx €750), Non-EEA: 2500 EUR per academic year. 

Freemover at the Faculty of Economics – Economics and Business: you can create your own programme for one semester studies in Faculty! Long list of courses in the area of economics and international economic relations available, transcript of records with ECTS at the end of semester and attractive


€750 per 1 semester.  

• English Language Part-Time Doctoral Studies in Economics: is a three-year part-time profile of two one-week sessions per year in September and June. Online support and consultations with the tutors are additionally ensured. Doctoral studies are offered for candidates who hold a diploma or other documents of studies graduation abroad recognised as per provisions on nostrification of higher studies graduation diplomas awarded abroad or subject to international agreement as an equivalent of Polish second degree studies graduation or uniform master studies diploma. More info: 


€3000 per annum for all candidates.

5 reasons for taking up studies at the Faculty of Economics:

1.  A diploma from the University of Gdansk holds a high position in rankings of the economic universities in Europe.

2. There are vast educational offerings (including programmes conducted fully in English).

3. The faculty has state of the art teaching tools and modern facilities including: computer labs, including special Thomson Reuters Data Suite, ACCA (The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants ) lab and examination centre, all the lecture halls are fitted with multimedia equipment, and the Faculty buildings have wireless access to the Internet under the EDUROAM programme; as well as a new building of the Faculty.

All of The University of Gdansk's facilities are state of the art

4. The beautiful location of the Faculty in Sopot –  a seaside health resort lying between woods and beaches.

5.Finally, our students are highly active, participating in international student exchange programmes, particularly in ERASMUS + (each year ca. 100 students of our Faculty travel abroad and the same number of foreign students comes to the Faculty). The Faculty of Economics offers more than 180 places for student’s mobility in universities in 19 different European countries each year.

In our Faculty, a photo contest has been organised each semester since 2013. Students take pictures of themselves wearing University of Gdansk t-shirts during their travels abroad – whether it’s a holiday or an Erasmus exchange programme. At the end of the semester, a winner is revealed and the photographers with the most interesting photos across a range of categories are rewarded. Contest entries can be seen here.

Take a look at our student testimonials here. 

For more information, please visit our website (available in English)

E-mail: we@ug.edu.pl
Or Phone: +48 58 523 1004