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Study Abroad: America Profile

American universities are in a league of their own when it comes to education.

Looking out over the Golden Gate Bridge.


With a quarter of the top 200 universities in the QS World University Rankings 2014/15 coming from the USA, the standard is as high as the country is large. With a vast array of beautiful places to study, the hardest decision is not IF you want to study there, but where. There are currently nearly 250,000 foreign students in the USA, why not join them?

You will need a visa (F-1 non-immigrant visa) in order to study in America.

School spirit is key to an american students social life.


Living in America varies from state to state. By nature American students are friendly and approachable. If you do chose to study over there, the Student Unions host a multitude of events for their overseas students.

If you’re a big sports player then studying in America obviously provides an added lure. Regular American football, basketball or baseball games are important social events on campus and there will be a wide variety of other sports to participate in.

Widener Library at Harvard University

Education Sysytem

No matter where you want to study, there are options available to you. Each state supports at least one state university and countless other educational institutions. Graduate courses can vary in length based on the amount of credits needed to gain the qualification, with 30 credits taking around 12 months to complete. Some Masters courses require completion of practical work as opposed to the thesis’s we use over here.


Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard topped both the QS World University Rankings 2014/15 and 2014 Times Higher Education World Reputation Rankings.  However that quality comes with a large price tag.  Tuition fees range between £15,000 to over £50,000, though there are scholarships and grants available which can range from fee remissions or teaching fellowships.

America is full of job opportunities.

Future Employment

Completing a post graduate course in America will put you in high regard with future employers. The sheer size of the country means that there are an abundance of opportunities for you to pursue within your chosen field. You will have to amend your visa upon getting a job in the USA.