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MSc Courses in Engineering at the University of Pisa

The University of Pisa is a public educational institution consisting of twenty departments and high-level research centres in the sectors of agriculture, astrophysics, computer science, engineering, medicine and veterinary medicine. It was officially established in 1343, although a number of scholars claim its origin dates back to the 11th century

The University has close relations with the National Board of Research, many cultural institutions of national and international importance and with industry (especially that of information technology), which went through a phase of rapid development in Pisa during the 1960’s and 1970’s.

Students at the university

The University of Pisa is currently offering eight Master of Science Courses all taught in English.

Among them, four MSc courses relate to ENGINEERING:

Aerospace Engineering

Computer Engineering

Embedded Computing Systems

Nuclear Engineering


More about the courses:

Master of Science in Aerospace Engineering 

Designed by and for people who are fascinated by the challenges of spaceflight. The programme aims to train professionals to successfully carry out the design and management of advanced space systems. The course also conducts research work in areas such as structural dynamics, guidance and control, aerothermodynamics, and propulsion, leading to the MSc degree in Aerospace Engineering with a specialisation in Space Engineering. The programme opens the way to academic research work as well as to professional activities worldwide in the space industry and in sectors where terrestrial application of space-derived technologies is especially relevant.


Master of Science in Computer Engineering

This MSc programme provides students with solid, in-depth, scientific and technical knowledge in line with the innovative needs of the informatics field. It specifically aims to train specialised professionals to design, develop, analyse, and integrate highly complex and heterogeneous computer systems. Students can choose between two curricula, "Computer Systems and Networks" and "Enterprise Systems", with the latter providing expertise on computational intelligence, enterprise process management and data mining.


Master of Science in Embedded Computing Systems

This MSc is jointly offered by the University of Pisa and the Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna (TeCIP Institute). Embedded computing systems have a growing importance in areas such as industrial automation, avionics, automotive and consumer electronics, robotics as well as medicine, agriculture, civil protection, and intelligent transportation systems. Designing and developing software for embedded computing systems requires an interdisciplinary knowledge in various technical areas. This MSc helps students become engineers capable of designing and programming complex computing systems using the most advanced methodologies.


Master of Science in Nuclear Engineering

By addressing the basic topics required for a sound education in Nuclear Engineering, this MSc programme has given many alumni the chance to study for the European Master of Science in Nuclear Engineering (EMSNE). This diploma is issued by the European Nuclear Education Network (ENEN) to Nuclear Engineers who have a good background and who have fulfilled the minimum requirements of mobility for courses or thesis work at European organisations belonging to the Association (www.enen-assoc.org). Nuclear Engineers from the University of Pisa are able to find interesting and fulfilling jobs in the fields of research and technology all over the world.

Our motto is:

“It is harder to crack a prejudice than an atom”

(Albert Einstein)

For more information on enrolment and financial support, please visit our website at www.unipi.it.


For the Aerospace Engineering MSc course:

Prof. Salvo Marcuccio: Email s.marcuccio@ing.unipi.it, Tel  +39-050-2218073


For the Embedded Computing and Computer Engineering MSc courses: 

Prof. Gigliola Valgini: Email gigliola.vaglini@iet.unipi.it Tel +39-050-2218065


For the Nuclear Engineering MSc course:

Prof. Walter Ambrosini: Email walter.ambrosini@ing.unipi.it Tel +39-320-4314854


The YouNuclear Website: www.younuclear.ing.unipi.it
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