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Faculty of Mining and Geology at The Technical University of Ostrava

The profession of the future

Extraction of mineral resources is still a hot topic since it moves the world. Natural resources are the foundation of a developed industrial society and the fundamental basis of its development.

The environmental impact of mining can be significant and long-lasting. Professionals for this industrial activity and environmental protection are prepared by the Faculty of Mining and Geology of the VSB - Technical University of Ostrava.

The faculty is a respected and sought interdisciplinary higher education and scientific research institution that offers tradition, as well as a modern approach, to higher education at all its levels. Education is provided by top academic and internationally recognized experts with extensive contacts at European and world levels.

Teachers are constantly learning too

Educators are constantly learning too - here pictured on an excursion

The main objective of the faculty is to be consistent in the continuous improvement of study at all levels of the university education system. We’re also heavily invested in increasing the number of domestic and foreign students, as well as improving the quality of teaching and research activities at the FMG of the Technical University of Ostrava. Our courses are all compatible at European and global scales.

Inside the TUO labs

Inside the TUO labs

Proof of this hard work can be seen by the support we have received from such programmes as ERASMUS and CEEPUS.

The Faculty has a high level of international collaboration with universities in the European Union.  As well as that, we have recently developed promising contacts in China, the USA, and Australia. Subsequently we also have links to universities in other countries in Asia, such as Vietnam or Malaysia.

Mining doesn’t finish at mining!

For every mining job, there is at least one job that is directly dependent on mining. Students who finish this faculty will be prepared for all sectors of the mining industry, including safety, environmental and economy engineering. They represent the elite of industrial workers throughout the world.

Students have, of course, available well-equipped dormitories, canteens and cafeterias just in the university campus in Ostrava-Poruba, including sports facilities. For information on the FMG of the VSB-TU Ostrava, fields of study and possibilities of cooperation click here.

The TUO campus

A student's perspective

"I learnt that the extraction of mineral resources and recycling were the key industries of the future during humanities at secondary school. But I also found out that there is a lack of technical experts in areas such as geology, ecology, and mining and thus high demand for such specialists in the labour market.

In addition, the continuous development of electronics and the extraction of noble metals prove to be the future. During studies, it is important to get some practical experience off campus. In my second year, I worked for a month in operation, thus adding important information for my Bachelor's exam. Even the topic of my thesis was about news in the company! It was a job I really enjoyed, so it made sense.

Now I’m in the first year of engineer's degree course and trying to broaden my experience in student organizations. I take part in the buddy system – looking after foreign students.

We have a huge campus of the University and I really like this style of study – I have everything I need in one place."


ERASMUS students apply here or for non-ERASMUS student, click here.




Vice Dean for Science, Research and Foreign Contacts
Assoc. prof: Jan Valíček, Ph.D.
Phone: +420 597 323 232
Email: jan.valicek@vsb.cz