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A whole world of postgraduate opportunities awaits you

Studying for a postgraduate degree in a different country is the most exciting way of becoming more qualified.

Global possibilities

You’ll become immersed into a new culture, learn new perspectives, possibly a new language and make some lifelong friends.

As well as academic prestige, studying abroad can also teach you a number of skills, which are highly valued by employers. Not only do you prove your ability to adapt to unfamiliar situations, but it is also a great way to network and lay foundations for a career abroad later on.

International study also shows that you have the ability to understand different cultures and succeed in a foreign environment which is obviously an attractive asset to employers within multinational firms.

Customise your own international experience

Studying abroad gives you huge flexibility. It’s your experience and you get to tailor it to your needs. This includes choosing the country, institution and specific modules you wish to enrol on.

There’s also the opportunity to learn at some of the most desirable institutions in the entire world. Why study for an MBA in the UK when you could apply to the prestigious Harvard Business School?

We’re here to talk you through the ins and outs of international study.

Five reasons to study abroad

  1.  Studying abroad enhances employment opportunities
  2. It is easily the best way to learn and pick up a language
  3. You will make friends around the world
  4. It gives you the chance to learn and experience a new culture
  5. Studying abroad provides the opportunity to travel on weekend and academic holidays

What’s more, the Higher Education Council for England (HECFE) found in a survey that individuals who had participated in periods of study abroad were not only more likely to be employed six months after graduating, but also have higher salaries – studying abroad really could make your career!