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Future leaders international programme: MA in GEEM at University of Insubria

The Department of Economics at the University of Insubria is located in Varese, Italy in the Lake District, and shares a border with Switzerland. Its English Master program in Global Entrepreneurship Economics and Management (GEEM) aims at providing future managers, entrepreneurs and applied economics analysts with strong skills in management, economics, innovation and internationalisation.

The Masters in Global Entrepreneurship Economics and Management (GEEM) is focused on entrepreneurship, applied economics and innovation in an international perspective. This is strictly linked to the ever-changing working context and the requirements of national and international companies. Students will acquire management and economic skills along with entrepreneurship capabilities in innovative international markets.

Globalisation and innovation are the dominant traits of the current market scenario. The program provides a unique set of managerial and economic competencies and skills that can be applied in SMEs, large and multinational companies of any industries, startups, as well as international and national economic organizations. During the two-year programme, students will have frequent in-depth interactions with companies and other organisations through workshops, laboratories and internships.

Villa Toeplitz, the Congress Center of the University of Insubria

The GEEM Programme

GEEM is entirely taught in English, also with the contribution of Visiting professors coming from foreign universities (University of Jena, Germany or University of Manchester, UK, San Francisco State University, California, the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade - IIFT, India, etc.)

The GEEM programme is articulated in two specialisations:
• Economics of Innovation: focused on applied economics
• International Business and Entrepreneurship: tailored to management and entrepreneurship.

The library of the Dept of Economics

Economics of Innovation

Economics of Innovation (EI) provides a qualified learning track in applied research topics on Innovation Economics and International Economics. The programme provides advanced knowledge of industrial economics, innovation processes and interaction among firms, markets and institutions in a context of increasing international competition.

Students in Economics of Innovation are trained to become applied analysts in dynamic innovative business sectors and in local and international institutions and organisations.

The skills acquired during the programme will enable graduates to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing economic environment from a macroeconomic perspective (economic growth and international integration) with a high level knowledge of micro-economic mechanisms (new technologies, new markets, new customers and suppliers, international business and delocalisation).

Students attending a class

International Business and Entrepreneurship

International Business and Entrepreneurship (IBE) aims at providing students with the managerial tools required by companies operating within international markets. Globalisation, entrepreneurship and innovation are key competitive factors for all companies - both SMEs and large and multinational companies - and markets - both mature and innovative. The course provides a unique set of managerial and economics competencies and skills that can open to multiple career opportunities (as a manager, consultant or entrepreneur).

Specifically it provides advanced knowledge in international business, entrepreneurship and startup management, business modeling and business planning, corporate and venture finance, human resources and information systems, international trade and contract law.

University Residence Carlo Cattaneo, Varese, a 2-minute walk from the Dept. of Economics

The Department of Economics supports talented national and international students through specific international mobility programs

The GEEM course offers the opportunity to participate in a  Double Degree program: with the Master of Science in Economics, specialisation in Innovation and Change of the School of Economics and Business Administration, University F. Schiller in Jena (Germany) or, only for the Economics of Innovation specialisation, with the Master of Science in International Business and Economics of the Faculty of Business, Economics and Social Sciences, University of Hohenheim in Stuttgart (Germany).

Moreover, other student exchange programs are also encouraged, like the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade in Dehli or with several European Universities within the LLP/Erasmus+ Programme.

The Dept. of Economics provides a limited number of scholarships for selected students based on merit and family income as well as allows special rates for an accommodation at the University Residence.

The Anglo-Italian feedback of our first DD graduated students


Address: Via Monte Generoso 71, 21100 Varese ITALY
e-mail: foreign.students.eco@uninsubria.it
Department e-mail: dipartimento.economia@uninsubria.it
Website: uninsubria.it

Course coordinators:
Elena Maggi (GEEM-EI) elena.maggi@uninsubria.it
Alberto Onetti (GEEM-IBE) alberto.onetti@uninsubria.it