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UK universities are urged to do more to keep graduates

A recent report by the RSA has called for the UK to offer “Golden handcuffs deals for graduates who stay” in the UK.

With 72 of the UK’s 123 universities based within large, metropolitan cities, the UK is well placed to be globally competitive, but many travel overseas to study.

The report argues that in order to grow as a nation, we need to make graduate opportunities more attractive and available. By using incentives to reward contribution to local areas, the report has highlighted 3 factors to aid economic growth in the UK:

• Optimising research and teaching for metro growth

• Promoting graduate retention and utilisation

• Encouraging enterprising students, graduates and faculties

The report also hints at establishing campaigns for more advice on housing as jobs for graduates, as well as matching them with local employers in their area.

Mentioned later on, the report suggests developing a clearing-style system for graduate courses. In a similar way to university clearing, unsuccessful graduates would be linked to relevant employers looking to either support a graduate in their studies or work for them full time.

Jim O'Neill, chairman of the RSA City Growth Commission, commented on the report, saying:

“Relatively low numbers of graduates stay in the cities where they graduate, with many either disappearing back overseas or down to London to employ the fruits of their enhanced minds elsewhere. Surely it would be sensible to consider pursuing a number of initiatives to either help or encourage graduates to stay in the metro areas where they graduate, as a key ingredient to helping these cities prosper?"

Adding that the initiative would boost “the long term growth potential of the UK.”

Do you plan on heading overseas? Can you think of any other ways the government can tempt graduates into staying? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter!