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#BoomerangBritain The benefits of moving back home after university

When finishing university every graduate is faced with the dilemma of whether they should continue renting or if they should move back home. Moving back in with the parents does come with some sacrifices, you might not be able to host a spontaneous house party on a Tuesday, but moving back home does come with its perks.

A quarter of 20-34-year-olds end up going back to live with their parents after finishing university, giving them the nickname – the ‘boomerang’ generation. First Direct worked with photographer Emily Macinnes, and spoke to families all across the country to discover the benefits of moving back home.

Returning home was an easy choice for Adam Edmond from Yorkshire, he had his heart set on travelling, along with many other 20 -somethings. Moving back in with his parents gave him the chance to save for an incredible 15 month long trip to Australia and Canada. After returning from his travels, Adam began to develop the digital aspect of the family business, which he’s continuing to grow into a profession.

One of the major perks of moving back home, which is often overlooked, is the support that you get from your family. Graduating can be pretty daunting so it’s the perfect time to be surrounded by your family. In 2011 Louise O’Donoghue moved to a university in Manchester, but after graduating decided to move back in with her Mum and stepdad, rather than trying to find somewhere to rent. Since moving back home Louise has grown really close to her mum and they both enjoy spending lots of time together. As well as bringing the family closer together, Louise has also had the chance to really focus on her career.

Young people have a really tough time trying to get on the property ladder, which leads to most graduates making the move back home so that they can start saving towards a deposit for a house. This was definitely the case for Louise as she’s begun saving for a house with her boyfriend.

Moving back in with your parent’s doesn't sound ideal when you’ve been enjoying the freedom of living away from home, but in reality, it can be much more beneficial than continuing to rent. You can save for the trip of a lifetime, or you can save towards getting on that all important property ladder.

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