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Ways to relax at work

 Your first, full time job can be a little stressful. Be prepared with these handy hints!


Get ready the night before

We don’t mean going to bed fully dressed! Packing your bag and getting clothes ready the night before gives you time to wake up in the morning and stops you running around looking for things you’ve lost!

Eat your breakfast!

Your mum will have told you a thousand times before, but getting breakfast before you leave really does set you up for the day. The extra energy will help pull you through the morning and stop you snacking at your desk.

Get in a little bit earlier

You may not like getting into work earlier, but giving yourself 15 minutes to organise yourself will save you extra stress and you will be able to plan what you need to do during the day.

Tick it off

Making a list and ticking off tasks is a great way of tracking your daily progress. The sense of accomplishment you’ll feel once the list is ticked off will really give you a boost!

Clean your desk

A tidy desk is a tidy mind! Getting rid of the clutter on your desk is a great way to clear your mind and makes it way easier to concentrate on getting the work done.

Grab a pair of headphones

It may seem anti-social but when you have a lot to do; plugging yourself into your computer and turning on some feel good tunes can really help you concentrate. So enter the mainframe and get that work done!

Snack right

Comfort eating is great. Keeping a stack of snacks by your side may help when work gets tough ¬– just make sure you’re snacking on the right things! Nuts, protein bars and fruit are a great way to keep the blood sugar up and keep you smiling.

Make the most of your lunch-hour

Use your lunch hour to its full potential and get away from your desk. Whether it’s a walk to the local shop or just a chat with your colleagues, use your lunch hour to step away from the pressures you’re dealing with that day.

Get moving

Stress may be physically exhausting but a little light movement could snap you right out of the vicious cycle. The endorphins from a few cheeky squats could do wonders for your mind as well as your body.

Or have a nice stretch

Stretching wakes up your whole body and gives your brain a kick of endorphins that you’ll really need to deal with your negative feelings. Reach up to the sky and stretch those stresses away!

Credit where credit’s due

To get rid of stress before it starts, recognise when you’ve achieved something! Your first proper job is going to be hard and there are things that you aren’t going to get right the first time – that’s why when you do achieve something you need to take a couple of seconds to pat yourself on the back. It’ll make the slip-ups feel better.