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Thinking of working overseas?

Have you considered starting a career in pastures new?

Due to the recession, the graduate job market is still very tough so more and more students are considering leaving the UK behind, with the hope of finding better career development opportunities abroad.

This has prompted worries that Britain is losing highly skilled workers in what is being called the brain drain. However it’s no surprise that graduates are tempted.

Competition at home

According to the High Fliers Research report The Graduate Market in 2013, recent figures demonstrate good news for graduates by showing an increase in graduate recruitment this year by 2.7% – so opportunities in this country are still prevalent.

However, competition will still be high seeing as 7% more graduate applications, than in the equivalent 2011-2012 period, have been received so far by top employers, and graduates who already have experience in certain organisations will fill more than a third of entry- level positions.

Due to the recession there was a decrease of 17.8% of graduates recruited in 2009. This increased by 12.6% in 2010 and by a further 2.8% in 2011 but vacancies is still over 10% lower than before the recession in 2007.

Taking this into account it’s therefore not that much of a surprise that according to the Higher Education Statistics Agency data, there was an increase of 27% from 2008 to 2011 in British graduates working abroad six months after graduating.

Stand out from the crowd

Working abroad will give you great experience to put on your CV and it will stand you in good stead for when you do finally decide to return back home. You will have demonstrated ambition and drive, two key attributes in today’s job market.

Graduates may also find better opportunities, not only in terms of the number of jobs available, but other countries may also offer greater earning potential and/or higher standards of living.

How can you do it?

There are a variety of application routes into working abroad, largely dependent on where you want to go and what you want to do.

Many UK organisations have offices overseas and similarly there are plenty of companies that recruit worldwide. You’re young and now free from the reigns of education so there really is an ocean of international opportunities out there.

While jobs are scarce back home, the possibility of working in a sun soaked destination with a beautiful beach a few minutes’ walk away offers you a rather tantalising choice.