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Teach and travel the world with a TEFL certification

Qualify for English teaching jobs in countries around the world with a TEFL certification.

A TEFL certificate is your ticket to thousands of TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) teaching jobs all around the world. Pairing your bachelor’s degree with a TEFL certificate from a top-20 global university is the best way to find an amazing job to fund your overseas adventures.

About our course

OISE TEFL is an internationally-recognized TEFL certification course designed by a team of professors and teaching English as a foreign language experts from the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Education (OISE). OISE TEFL is delivered by Teach Away, world leaders in international teacher placements.

Unlike a traditional university course, OISE TEFL is 100% online and self-paced, so you can fit it into your busy schedule or hustle through it in a shorter time frame. Even better: the course will qualify you for a variety of international teaching jobs around the world!

Upon completion of your course, you will receive a TEFL certification from the University of Toronto OISE and can apply to hundreds of teaching jobs abroad through Teach Away.

Your OISE TEFL course options

100-Hour TEFL Course
This course is best for new ESL teachers on a budget who want to get started teaching English.
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120-Hour TEFL Course
This course is best for recent university graduates and current students looking to teach abroad.
*Choose two specialization units
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150-Hour TEFL Course
This course is best for serious ESL teachers seeking a comprehensive course to accelerate their career.
*Choose two specialization units
*Extended curriculum
*Teaching abroad unit
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Why take the OISE TEFL course?

By choosing the OISE University of Toronto TEFL course, you will:

     •   Stand out in your international teaching job applications. The University of Toronto OISE is a world-class university, and OISE TEFL delivers instruction that is internationally recognized for its quality
     •   Earn your TEFL certification at your own pace. OISE TEFL is 100% online and self-paced. As there are no live or scheduled components to the course, teachers are free to set their own study schedule and start the course at any time
     •   Gain teaching skills specific to the foreign language classroom. The course was designed specifically to equip you with the skills needed to be confident and successful in your overseas classroom, regardless of your experience level
     •   Qualify for teaching jobs abroad. OISE TEFL is offered in conjunction with Teach Away. Teach Away offers a range of job opportunities for TEFL-qualified teachers at leading international schools around the world

Who is OISE TEFL for?

Whether you’re a licensed teacher, looking to become one, or you’re keen on teaching English while travelling overseas, OISE TEFL could be a great option for you.

TEFL for University Graduates (Non-Teaching Degree)

A TEFL certificate paired with any four-year university degree is a powerful combo. With these, you will meet the minimum requirements to teach English abroad and qualify for ESL teaching positions in countries all over the world. Teaching English abroad is the perfect way to travel and discover new cultures while making a positive impact abroad.

TEFL for Licensed Teachers

When it comes to finding a teaching job with a reputable international school abroad, a TEFL certificate can be a powerful addition to a certified teacher’s resumé. If you’re a licensed teacher, you’ll leave this course with the practical knowledge you need to be successful in teaching English learners in a foreign country.

How to get started with OISE TEFL

To enrol in the course, visit the OISE TEFL website and hit the enrol button!

Once you’ve enrolled in the course, you’re able to get started on your first module whenever you like.

Seriously, you can start today! So what are you waiting for? Start your teach abroad adventure with TEFL.