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Studytrip.com — A life-changing experience

So you’ve made the ultimate decision, you’re having a gap year. But what’s next? What are you going to do with yourself? Where are you going to go? You don’t want to be the same as everyone else. You want something different, something special.

That’s where Studytrip.com comes in. Taking your adventure to the next level by combining language lessons and unique cultural activities. Oh, and we sort your accommodation too so you can even choose a homestay for that full cultural immersion!

Having helped thousands of students come to Japan to study Japanese we realised that maybe there was something different that people needed. Moving country is a big deal, learning a new language is a big deal. Maybe you’re not sure if you’ll like it or you’re not sure if it’ll be like this other world that you imagine in your head. You want to try it out, but a holiday doesn’t really do that. The holiday world is a little different to actually living there.

With a study trip, you get to look at things differently and find all the answers to those questions. We partner with leading schools around the world to offer intensive language lessons. We then pair these with exciting cultural activities designed to match your tastes.

With courses around the world with different themes, we’ve something to suit everyone. If you like a fusion of culture and cool, then try out our Summer Course Korea, mixing some amazing historical sites as well as everything Hallyu.

Perhaps, you’re a foodie that loves Spanish cuisine and you know being able to speak to the chef would add a whole new level to your taste experience? Then check out the Spanish Cuisine Course running in September.

Our personal favourite and our students favourite study trip, is the Otaku Japan trip running in September. Feed your love of manga, anime and all things nerdy. We combine everything that makes Japan cool into one trip. With trips to J-world, the Pokemon centre and Odaiba, you’ll get your full anime fix, add to that robots, ninjas and some karaoke and you’ll never want to go home. See what all the fuss is about in our Otaku Trip Video:

If you’re still not sure we’ve got three pretty good reasons why a study trip is the gap year experience you need:

     1.       Learn a language the easy way
               Speaking another language goes a long way in the world today. A study trip is like an intensive
               language course but with a lot more fun added in. There’s no better way to learn than surrounded
               by people who speak it.

     2.      Challenge your perceptions
               A lot of holidays won’t give you a real picture of the country your in. A study trip changes all that.
               It gives you a unique perspective of a place you’ll only get by chatting to the locals.

     3.      Be different
              Each trip gives you a chance to try things you probably wouldn’t get to do otherwise. There’s
              nothing like a tea ceremony in Japan, dressed in a yukata, sat on a tatami floor looking out at a
              beautifully crafted Japanese garden with the humming sound of the cicadas in the background.

We’re currently running courses in Japan, Korea and Spain and we’re always adding new ones so you just need to pick the country, course and go!

With the perfect balance between language, fun and cultural immersion, it’s just what you’re looking for, for that life-changing experience.

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