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Social etiquette and your first graduate job

When you acquire your first job as a graduate, you might be confused as to how you're supposed to behave around your employer and fellow colleagues. After all, the atmosphere will probably be a lot different to how you operated in earlier roles like bar work.

So how do you hit the right balance?

Leave the colloquialisms at the door

It's acceptable to call your friends 'mate' or 'pal' when you're out of the office, but most senior members of staff will take umbrage with this as it may appear as if you are undermining your relationship. This doesn't mean you shouldn't be warm and friendly; it just shows that you acknowledge your place in the office.

Work to a deadline regardless of how laidback you think your boss is

Sometimes, bosses will give off the aura of informality. This is, of course, much better than having one that is uptight and barks orders at you. However, he or she expects a certain level of work from you and if that isn't adhered to, then you will disrupt progress in the workplace.

Get to know your colleagues at lunchtime

If you're an insular type of person and new to your role, then it might a good idea to get to know your workmates over lunch, even if you are a bit of a wallflower. The chances are, they will understand that you might be a bit shy, so they'll make sure they're not too intruding.

Lunch is a great time to get to know people

Lunch is a great time to get to know people

Be respectful of others 

You may have a member of your friendship who is a bit annoying, causing everyone else to talk ill of him or her behind their back. In this workplace, though, it is highly inappropriate to badmouth fellow staff, especially those of a higher ranking, as it looks unprofessional.

Understand when it's time to get your head down

Work isn't always about completing tasks individually. Often it can entail working together as a team, which can bring about of laughs. But it's always important to comprehend that there's a time and place for everything and your assignments come first, rather than a joke you heard last night.

After work drinks

At the end of the week, it's more than likely that your team might have post-work drinks. If you are a drinker then it may be a good idea to go, as it's a great bonding exercise. But remember to not get too inebriated and cause offence.

Approach work drinks with caution

Approach work drinks with caution

Disagree but politely

There are moments in your career where you think that someone else has presented incorrect information or an ill-conceived method. When it comes to disagreements, being courteous is the best way to address any grievances and always try to find a compromise. By doing this, you will come across as negotiable and well mannered.