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How do I choose the right career for me?

So you want to have a career that suits your personality and interests but you aren’t sure if there is one out there for you?

Don’t feel daunted as there is a job for you — you just need to know the right places to look. Everyone is different, so it’s important to find the job that best uses your skills and experience and suits your interests to get the highest job satisfaction, whether that’s working with others, working alone, or getting sporty. 

You may already know what you are comfortable doing already, but there are also lots of online tests you can do to see what careers may suit you based on a series of personality type questions. Why not try the Jung Typology Test for example?

We’ve suggested some career paths below based on personality types:

Do you like...


Helping others? 

You find it rewarding to work with and support other people in a variety of ways. You could be helping them to reach their full potential in a learning and development role, raising money for charitable causes or looking after them in a health care setting.

Example roles include: teacher, nurse, social worker, therapist, life/career coach, mentor, charity worker, counsellor


Making the customer happy?

You are driven by the desire to achieve high customer satisfaction and go out of your way to ensure the people you work with get what they are looking for. Possible career areas could include retail, catering and public transport.

Example roles include: receptionist, call centre operator, barista, customer services manager, banking customer service adviser, air cabin crew member


Getting physical?

You prefer an active, hands-on role rather than a desk-based one. There are plenty of industries out there that may take your fancy such as working with animals, construction, operating machinery, sports and cooking. 

Example roles include: builder, engineer, chef, zoo keeper, vet, mechanic, carpenter, firefighter, paramedic


Making things happen?

You love being in charge of projects and getting things done, a lot of the time through other people. You could be involved in creating organisational change, managing teams or leading on a project.

Example roles include: project manager, operations manager, events manager, team leader, business development manager, retail manager


Inspiring or influencing people?

You get a kick out of communicating with people and motivating or persuading them to do something such as buying something or believing in your cause.

Example roles: public speaker, politician, fundraiser, travel agent, estate agent, sales person, event organiser, religious minister


Getting creative?

Your ideal job would allow you to use your imagination in new and exciting ways to think outside the box and to create a product or piece of work that is engaging. You are drawn to roles within the arts (such as theatre, music, dance), writing and marketing.

Example roles include: marketing assistant, public relations officer, graphic designer, social media manager, wedding planner, make-up artist, writer, editor, architect


Analysing data?

You are comfortable with working with information to achieve results or to solve problems. You could be working within a university or business setting for instance, and investigating areas such as science, maths, IT or quality control.

Example roles include: computer programmer, book-keeper, investigative journalist, accountant, scientific researcher, legal assistant


Putting yourself out there?

You are at your happiest when you are working with a variety of people who are listening to what you have to say. You are extroverted which means you gain energy and motivation from interacting with others. Speaking in front of others comes naturally to you.

Example roles include: press officer, entrepreneur, performer, sales representative, teacher, bartender, reporter



You love being in education and are passionate about studying in your field. You are a naturally inquisitive person and tend to have good academic results. Working in an educational environment appeals to you.

Example roles include: archivist, curator, lecturer, lawyer, librarian, researcher


Playing sports?

You are an energetic person who gets bored sitting around for too long. The thought of sitting behind a desk all day fills you with dread and you love getting active in your spare time. You could be developing your own sporting abilities or supporting others with theirs.

Example roles include: personal trainer, sports coach, P.E. teacher, fitness instructor, physiotherapist