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Build your career in town planning

Are you creative and visionary?  Are you a problem solver? Passionate about sustainability, climate change and helping communities?

Do you want to directly improve the world we live in?

If the answer to one or more of these questions is yes, then a career in town planning could be for you.

Planning is the third most employable degree subject for UK graduates

Salaries often start at £25,000 or you can ‘earn as you learn’ on part-time courses or through a degree Apprenticeship/graduate programme.

What is town planning?

Good planning protects coastlines and historic buildings, regenerates declining places and creates new masterplans. It preserves the best of the past and promotes innovation so that the towns and buildings of the future will continue to meet our needs.

Planning is involved in major infrastructure projects like HS2, the Olympics and Commonwealth Games, as well as big issues such as climate change and the housing shortage. It also deals with local projects like the design and layout of towns and villages and even the size and location of a house extension.

What does a Town Planner do?

A Town Planner applies various models, a knowledge of the legal system and national and local policies in setting out how land and the built environment grows or changes. Town Planners are at the heart of discussions with local communities, businesses and politicians, speaking at meetings and presenting and negotiating development proposals. The work is very varied with many different specialisms, and so, depending on the industry and your job role, you will get opportunities such as:

     •   Designing new towns or villages
     •   Recommending where new buildings should go
     •   Improving communities and the environment
     •   Writing and explaining regulations and rules
     •   Protecting buildings that are of historical and architectural importance

What does it take to become a Town Planner?

     •   A keen interest in improving places for people to live and work
     •   Creative thinking, attention to detail and analytical skills
     •   Diplomacy, good communication and negotiation skills to help you work with a diverse range of people
     •   A commitment to professional standards, ethics, sustainability and social inclusion
     •   A conversion degree in Planning, plus mentored work experience

Working as a Town Planner

As a graduate planner, you will have opportunities to work in a variety of areas such as regeneration, development, energy or conservation. Town planners are also known as environmental planners or urban designers. A wide range of rewarding jobs are available in government, multi-disciplinary firms, planning consultancies, communities or housing charities, or as independent consultants, and across the regeneration, development and environmental sectors.

Take a professionally accredited planning degree to fast track to being at the forefront of planning

The Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI) is the only body in the UK responsible for the professional certification of Chartered Town Planners. Enrol on an RTPI-accredited master's and you could be selected for a bursary worth £2,000.

Our members actively influence current thinking on planning through participating in debates, developing good practice, responding to government consultations and bridging the gap between policy and research. Being a member also gives you access to a first-class range of services and career support.

Find out more about planning as a career and where you can study:



About the RTPI

The Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI) is a membership organisation and a Chartered Institute responsible for maintaining professional standards and accrediting world-class planning courses nationally and internationally.  We are the UK's leading planning body for spatial, sustainable and inclusive planning and the largest planning institute in Europe with over 25,000 members.

Visit www.rtpi.org.uk