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Where to find a job

Congratulations! You've got your degree, so the next move is a job. There are numerous places you can go to find work. The further you look, the closer you’ll come to finding a job you really want.

Campus Events

Campus recruitment fairs are usually held throughout the year, but particularly in the summer semester. These events are a bit like fresher’s fairs – the only difference is that rather than signing up for society meetings you’ll probably never attend, you get to meet graduate employers.

These events are an opportune place to grab an interview with employer’s ad get an idea about what they’re looking for in applicants. Often recruiters will come armed with signup sheets for students who are interested in learning more, but it’s well worth distributing your CV just in case the perfect employer is there.

University Careers Services

You may not have noticed on your journeys to and from the library, but somewhere on your university campus there will be a graduate careers service. This is an invaluable asset in your quest for a career. You will be able to speak to a qualified advisor about a wide range of issues, such as sectors that might appeal to you and your skills, and the specific places where you should try looking for work. They will offer ideas about planning your job-seeking strategy, CV advice and general advice on the job market.

Recruitment Agencies

Recruitment agencies are fairly self-explanatory – they are businesses that are set up to find the best people for a job. Companies that don’t have their own internal recruitment departments can use a recruitment agency when they are seeking new staff. Job-seekers give their CV to agencies, and recruiters then match the two up. There are a few different types of recruitment agency. There are general recruiters, specialist recruiters for different industries and skills (for example, IT recruitment), specialists for graduates, high-street recruiters, and temping agencies which deal with temporary vacancies.


All major newspapers advertise jobs, and regional papers will help you find work in your local area. If you’ve decided on a sector or industry that you’d like to work in (for example, engineering), you can purchase trade magazines which advertise specialist roles.


The Jobcentre may not be the first place you would think of looking for a job post-university life, but you can get some great results if you’re looking for local employment. Advisors are also on standby to help you think about what sort of roles you could be good at.

Online Job Listings

Online job listings are different to online job sites. Job-seekers can use these site4s to find adverts for job vacancies, which will include necessary contact information.

These websites are usually targeted to specific sectors. Finding these sites is relatively easy, all it takes is a quick Google search. Jobs are also advertised by professional bodies for different sectors on their website.

Online recruitment agencies

Online recruitment is a popular ad convenient job-seeking method. Graduates can upload their cv online and wait to be contacted. The service offered by recruitment agencies to job-seekers is free – they make money by charging the companies who use their services a fee.
Recruitment companies are fantastic at times, but you should bear in mind that their priority is to satisfy the client, not the applicant. Their target is to find candidates to fill all vacancies – not to find vacancies for all candidates.