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What to do at the end of an interview

At the end of the interview, when the interviewer asks...  

 Do you have anything you’d like to ask us?


This unassuming question can often be the hardest one of all. At this point in the interview, your mind is in serious danger of going blank. You don’t want to ask something that has already been answered, but it’s not always that easy to think of something fresh.

It’s useful to think about this before the interview, and to prepare for it in the same way as you would every other question. Say “no” risks giving the impression that you’re not interested in the company or the job, and you also waste a prime opportunity to make yourself stand out.

Do ask the following:

  • Why is the position open?
  • How many people work in the department/company?
  • What scope for progression is there?
  • What are the day to day responsibilities?
  • Is training provided?
  • What is the company philosophy?
  • What is the best thing about working at this company?
  • When can I expect to hear from you?

Avoid asking any of the following!

  • Questions you should already know the answer to.
  • What is the boss like?
  • What are the disciplinary procedures?
  • Why aren’t you paying a higher wage?
  • Do you think I am under qualified?
  • Is it okay that I already have holiday booked?
  • Does everyone get drunk after work?
  • Can you tell me now if I have the job?