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What do you want from your employer?

Every now and then ask yourself: ‘What do I want from my career?’

If you’re unhappy where you work or if you’re currently out of work, desperation can creep in and you can start to make rash decisions, which may not necessarily lead you to where you want to be. When you start your job hunt remember, as much as you need to be the right fit for a job, a job needs to be the right fit for you too.    

During your interview, any company worth its salt will ask you what you expect from them. It isn’t a trick question; it’s used to see your enthusiasm and commitment to the job in question.

Things to bear in mind

It’s easy to just focus on the issue of wages when discussing your job-desires, but you should use a question like this to showcase what you would be willing to offer the right company.
The purpose of this question is basically to see what you expect from the company. It’s a simple answer, but you should also mention what you will give, in return for your wage.

What you should say

A great, comprehensive answer to this question is as follows:

“I know that an employer will expect me to give my all to help them succeed. In return, I’d like a positive working environment that would teach me new skills and nurture my old in order for me to reach my true potential. I’d like to be rewarded for the hard work that I do in order to build upon my career and grow.”


In the above answer, the points aren’t just benefiting you. They would also benefit your potential new employer.

By expressing an interest that you would like to grow within a company, you’re proving your motivation and drive to succeed. A good working environment allows you to forge strong team connections and the fact you’re looking for a reward when you’ve worked hard means that you’re willing to go the extra mile to get it.

Your interview is the perfect opportunity to suss out whether a company is right for you. Use this time to discuss whether there are opportunities to grow and progress, if they offer training and what sort of company culture they have. Take a look at our article 10 questions you need to ask your interviewer to ensure you’re asking the right questions.