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‘Tis the season to bag your dream job

As soon as December 1st hits everyone starts thinking about Christmas. Does this mean you should give up on your job hunt? Absolutely not.

The festive season may not seem like an obvious time to job hunt on the surface, but underneath it’s ideal – so persevere! Here’s why your job hunt should be going full steam ahead through December:

Budget –  At the end of the year, most companies review their budget and this is where they unexpectedly ‘find’ budget that they didn't know they had. With extra money in their pockets they can possibly fill positions that they didn’t realise they could, creating extra opportunities for people like you, who didn’t give up the ghost this Christmas.

Everyone else is lying low – Because everyone else has probably given themselves 4-6 weeks off in their job search, it gives you the perfect opportunity to attack. With less competition your chances of finding your dream job are higher than ever.

Unexpected openings – As the end of the year approaches, a lot of people get itchy feet and decide that they need/want different things from their career. In this case, companies are faced with unexpected openings, meaning that once again there’s a chance for you to get your foot in the door.

Networking – December is probably the biggest time for networking. People are feeling particularly sociable at this time of the year, so take full advantage of this and make contact with your network and invite them for a coffee, drink or maybe even lunch.

You’ll beat the rush – January is arguably one of the busiest times in recruitment, but because you haven’t stopped your job search, your CV is already under the nose of the right people before everyone else.

There are a lot of myths about job hunting over the Christmas period, but the truth is, people are still hiring and recruiters are still resourcing so you should still be applying. Some may argue that this is the best time to job hunt – so make the most of it and get yourself out there!