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Key skills

Although every job, and indeed every graduate, is different, there is an easily-identifiable set of universal employability skills that all job-seekers should be aware of.

We’ve listed these core competencies, and included hints and tips about the ways in which you can provide evidence for these skills.

Self management, multitasking and time-keeping

Prove it: Completing large projects tests your ability to learn independently, work to targets and manage multiple deadlines. If you’ve had a job, or were involved in any extra-curricular societies or sports clubs at uni, you’ve demonstrated your ability to juggle commitments.


Prove it: We’ve all done group work at some point during their studies. These exercises teach you valuable things about working with other people. Think about the kind of role you played in your group, and how you could match this when working with your potential work colleagues in the future.

Communication and presentation skills

Prove it: Any experience dealing with customers in previous jobs will be valued. Ability to present information clearly is also a big feature in many jobs. Many university courses will have made you conduct a presentation at some point, such as during seminars.

Problem Solving

Prove it: Employers often seek graduates who can deal with issues analytically and come up with creative and effective solution. They’ll be interested in hearing the ways you’ve approached different tasks in the past. This could relate to your degree or your extracurricular activities.

IT Skills

Prove it: No matter what your job interests, the need for information technology skills is universal but the required varies. At the very least employers will want to know that can use Microsoft Office, spread sheets and the internet.