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Is Temping the right way to progress your career?

This period of the year is prime time for temp work.

Whether you’re looking for something to tide you over Christmas, or you want to gain a wealth of experience.

Companies are hiring more and more temporary workers, so why not dip your toes into the Temping pond?

What is temping?

Temping is the process of filling short-term contracts. For a fixed amount of time, you’ll be using you skills at a company that needs you.

If this is the kind of work that you’re after, signing up to a Temping agency is the best way to get a head start. The agency looks after all of the stages in finding a temporary worker, from interviews to payroll and benefits, which makes the process a lot easier for employers.

As with everything, there are pros and cons to Temp working. Take a look at the below to see if it’s for you.



Working at different places and doing different things will give you a wealth of experience. It could help you land the job of your dreams or completely change your outlook on your career path.


With a new company comes new co-workers to network with! You can learn a lot from the people you work with; and Temp working allows you to mix with a lot of people in your field in a relatively short amount of time. It could also pave a way to opportunities in the future.


Temping is renowned for being highly flexible. If you complete a contract that you didn’t like, you can simply decline work like that in the future. Agencies will push contracts that are more suited for your skill set, but if you’re up for something new then the option is always open.

Chances to learn

As temporary contracts hire workers with a particular skill set for immediate start, wages are either on a par or slightly better than those of a full-time employee.

Could lead to a full-time job that you love!

If you make a good impression at a company that you love, there is the possibility that you could be hired permanently when a position becomes available.


Lack of security

As a Temp worker, they may not always be a demand for your particular skill set. The fact that work may not always be available is something to consider.

Lack of workplace relationships

Constantly moving around and changing co-workers can be pretty lonely. As silly as it sounds, Temp workers can be seen as an outsider in the workforce and be treated as such.

If you’re the kind of person that needs a strong support network of co-workers, then look at full-time work.

Restricted benefits

There is a restriction on the benefits that temporary workers can have, for example: you are only given “equal treatment” rights after 12 weeks at a company.


You can be on your dream contract one month, then moved to something you hate the next.  There isn’t always a guarantee that your contract will be specifically what you want to do. The lack of security that comes along with Temping means you can’t really afford to be fussy.