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How to read an interviewer’s poker face

As people, we don’t really notice how much we value verbal and visual clues when speaking to people. Body language as well as subtle nods, gestures and sounds allow us to associate more with the person we’re talking to and gauge their understanding.

When it comes to job interviews, these little indicators can re-assure you that the interviewer is on your side and likes you for the job. Without this little bit of confidence, it can be hard to hit a comfortable stride in an interview and, in turn, make you look nervous.

No matter how much of an icy stare your interview may give you, there are little hints you can look for to give you an indication of how you’re doing.

1. You have their full attention.

Interviewers are busy, busy, busy! In between interviewing you, there are tonnes of other tasks to be getting on with, emails to respond to and phone calls to make. If your interviewer has put down their phone and stopped reading through their files, then you have their attention!

2. They’re showing positive microexpressions.

Microexpressions are brief facial movements and expressions that convey emotions. Signs, such as wrinkling at the corners of the eyes when your interviewer smiles, show that their positive emotions are genuine.

3. Along with positive body language.

Leaning in a little when you give responses, uncrossing arms and solid eye contact are also great ways to check if your interviewer is interested in what you have to say.

By keeping these things in mind, you’ll be able to read even the frostiest of interviewers. Good luck!