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How to approach a strange interview question

Strange interview questions are on the rise.

A survey by Glassdoor highlighted just how strange these questions can be, such as:


"How many calories are in a grocery store?" – Google


"How would you sell a fridge to an eskimo?" – Harrods

While they may not seem like they have anything to do with the job at hand, these odd questions can help the interviewer learn a lot about you.

From testing your creativity, your logical thinking and your reasoning; each question helps the interviewer understand your skills on a “real world” level.

You just need to know how to answer them properly.

How do I prepare for a random question?

The clue here is in the name. There isn’t really a way to prepare for something you don’t know is coming. Just do your research about the role and the company and bear the following in mind.

• The most important thing to remember is to keep calm. Whether you know the answer or not, showing a level head under pressure will always benefit you.

• After you’ve heard the question, think about the job role you’ve applied for. What would somebody who already had the job say? How does the question affect this job role?

• Now think about the company, does what they do affect the question in any way? If an engineering company asks your thoughts about garden gnomes, you can highlight their use of tools.

• Engage in a bit of lateral thinking.  These type of questions are designed to generate a creative and alternative response. Think about every possibility and answer with the answer you believe in most.

• Talk about your thought process with your interviewer. Even if the answer you give isn’t the one they were looking for, Your thought process may just clinch that interview for you.