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Get the job you want with an Influence Letter

Influence letters may sound daunting, but they’re actually pretty simple.

Their end goal is to clear up any concerns an interviewer/future employer may have about your application, enabling you to land that job. It can also re-affirm the skills that you have that are suited to the job at hand.

Usually sent after a second stage interview, a properly written influence letter can separate you from the other candidates that are in the running.

Think of an influence letter as a Thank You note with a little more gravitas. They should be sent no-later-than 24 hours after your interview.

Here’s an example of a good influence letter:

Dear Ms. E. Mployer,

Thank you for taking the time today to interview me for the position of Marketing Manager. After getting the chance to speak to you and your team, I’m incredibly enthusiastic about the opportunity.

I’m glad I had the chance to talk to you about my experience within the field of marketing. From the portfolio I sent you last week, you can see that I have the creative and written communication skills needed for this position.

During our conversation, you mentioned that your ideal candidate would need to be confident at presenting work. During my three years of university, I often presented my projects both verbally and with the use of slides and charts. It may not be the main part of my current job, but with the knowledge I have gleaned throughout my work-life has only made me more confident in expressing my ideas with others.

I understand that another key element of the job is using monitoring software such as HubSpot, a programme I am not yet familiar with. However, I am quick to learn, as I have recently shown with my knowledge of HTML coding. After just two months in my current role, I’ve grown my knowledge to a level when I can now help out other members of my team with their coding issues.

Thanks again for your time; I’m eagerly awaiting the next stage of the process.


Mr. C. Andidate

It’s great practice to write a Thank You letter after every interview you go to, but if you have your heart set on that role then an influence letter may be a better bet.

Keep your letter clear and to the point, hitting on your areas of skill, and you’ll give your interviewer a reason not to forget about you! Remember to stay positive, grateful and excited about your new opportunity – without looking needy/desperate.

It could put you a step ahead of the competition!