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Don’t panic!

First of all, congratulations! After years of hard work, you’ve finally graduated!

University may be over, but don’t despair! Positive thinking will keep you going during your initiation into the real world, The Graduate Guide is here to help you during every step of your journey.

For many students, the first months of post-university life can be a difficult time. Although graduation marks a very proud day in your academic journey, it also signals the end of the student lifestyle. But with a little bit of patience and hard work, you’ll soon see the benefits of life outside of university.

Post-Uni Blues

Not surprisingly, most graduates find it hard to hang up their mortarboards and take the tentative steps into the ‘real world’. The realities of the job hunt can be enough to shake even the most positive student’s confidence.

Unless you’ve managed to clinch a job before university finished, you are unfortunately likely to face a few uncertain months.

The graduate job market is tough, meaning that things might not always go to plan. Finding a job can be much more difficult and time consuming than expected. It can be really hard for new graduates to cope with a reality which doesn’t live up to their expectations, and they will naturally end up feeling emotionally drained.

Whatever you feel, remember that you are not alone, and feeling this way is completely normal. Don’t let it get you down, try to stay positive and you will start to see all your hard work pay off.

Looking on the Bright Side

It is really important to stay upbeat during your transition to the graduate lifestyle. Rather than allowing yourself to become demoralised by job rejections, it’s much more important that you get into the habit of thinking positively. Positive thinking is all about changing your attitude to the job hunt. It applies to the way you interpret your progress and about how you approach new situations.

For instance, rather than seeing job applications as a chore, you should see this as a brilliant opportunity to find the career path that is right for you. Similarly, instead of thinking of job rejections as a setback, it helps to see them as an experience that you can learn from.

By changing the way that you think about this new stage in your life, you will be enabled to remain happy and confident about the future.

Always remember that this is just a phase in your life, and it will pass. It’s easy to feel confused and lost as a graduate, as you are in-between phases in your life. Try and see it as a unique situation and look forward to your future with enthusiasm.

Everything happens for a reason, and as long as you are putting effort in, you will be absolutely fine!