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Are traditional CV’s a thing of the past?

The CV is a time-tested tool in the job seeker's arsenal. But as we progress further into the digital age, is there a better alternative to a piece of paper?

This past year has shown a surge in 'alternative' application methods being used by job seekers as we enter an ever increasingly competitive marketplace. Alfred Ajani took to Waterloo Station, and Will Bowers went viral with a “David Brent” style video CV  and accompanying website.

Recruiters and HR managers are now looking for a complete package. Your digital life is as much a part of your application as what you can display on paper, so more and more companies are using social media as a factor in their decision making.

Don’t bin the paper just yet!

Technically speaking, the CV is still alive - we aren’t saying that you should liberate yourself from the paper completely. Having a print copy of what you can do is really handy for interviews or meetings with recruiters. So if the print resume is still requested, you may as well try to make it different…

Utilise your LinkedIn

LinkedIn isn’t just a networking site, it’s your own personal advertising board. A 2012 Jobsvite survey stated that 89% of recruiters have hired through LinkedIn, so this is one profile you need to make count!

Keep your page fully up-to-date with your responsibilities and skills so that all the professionals in your network know exactly what it is you can do. You never know who could be connecting with you next!

The same can apply to other social networks that you’re a part of. Take steps to tidy them up (without losing your unique charms) and make them employer friendly.

Take a look at our article Linkedin: How to make it work for you to get the most out of your Linkedin page.

Jazz up your CV!

Instead of reams of text displaying your skills, showcase your information differently to really catch the eye of a prospective employer. Creating infographics to demonstrate your strengths can really brighten up what would be a pretty dull piece of paper.

Build your own website

Flaunt your "hire me" characteristics with a website. While it takes a lot of effort to do this well, it’s one of the best methods of displaying industry specific skills. Architects, designers and engineers can display a portfolio of work; writers and journalists create a library of work, and photographers can publish their pieces into their own gallery.

Don’t neglect your CV! Make it your own and land your dream job!