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A master-class in CV tailoring

Every CV you send out should be different because each job and company is different.

Generic Mistakes

In the job-hunt it is so tempting to send out the same CV over and over again, without really taking into account the specific job or company in question.

Recruiters can spot generic CVs a mile off and this will put you at a disadvantage from the outset. If you haven’t considered them in your CV and application, why should they consider you?

A key point to remember is to keep it relevant.

Master CV

If you create one master CV you can later tweak it to suit the requirements of the job and the company, in order to really highlight your suitability for the role.

Although this may sound like a time-consuming process, even just a few small changes will make a huge difference, greatly improving your chances of getting to an interview.

The areas to adapt include your skills, employment, work experience, as well as your intro statement and interests.

The Art of Tailoring

There are a few simple tricks to help you tailor your CVs in the most effective way possible. After analysing the advert to figure out exactly what the employer expects from this role, you should:

Research the company

As shown in point 5 of Analysing the Job Advert, the advert may tell you a little bit about the company, but take a look at the employer’s website in order to gain further understanding of what they might be looking for in an applicant. Consider the core values of the company and their mission statement, as well as an overview of the sector as a whole.