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How to successfuly network every time

Networking is the process of getting to know people in your chosen field of work in order to further your career. Some people are naturally amazing at it while others have to work a little harder, but this is a great way to get your name out there in your sector!

What you have to remember is that networking isn’t just a one-time thing – they need work. As with friendship, sustained contact will solidify you relationship with what could be a future employer or solid reference. This doesn’t mean calling/emailing every day, just enough to keep you in their minds.

You could even use the connection to offer your services to a business free of charge (freelancing being key to creative/media careers). This experience is vital in your progression and also flaunts your skills.

Just remember, networking is as much about learning as it is making people aware of your talents!

How to get involved

Be friendly – The more likeable you are, the more memorable you will be and the more people will be willing to help you.

Remember names – while namedropping is completely cliché, knowing people in the know is a sure-fire way to bump up your credibility.

Think outside the box – don’t just stick to people you’re comfortable with. By pushing your boundaries, you could stumble upon an excellent opportunity.

Prepare yourself - you wouldn’t go to an interview without knowing about the job, so don’t go into a conversation with someone important to your career without knowing the basics, at least.

Find a LinkdIn group - for those of you who’d rather build your connections online, LinkedIn is an amazing forum to use! There are groups set up for certain career sectors and some are even job specific, contributing articles and opinions all relevant to you, so share your opinion and build some bridges!

Keep a business card handy! - Networking is like a friendship, you need to keep speaking in order to maintain the relationship and keep yourself in people’s minds. By having a business card on hand, people are always able to keep in touch with you (and don’t have to worry about not being able to read your handwriting).